The last year was a struggle. We experienced some health issues, marriage and family turmoil and walked through some tough trials with some close friends. As the New Year approached it became evident that many of these issues would not be left in 2016, so I began to reflect on the things that I could change. So much in our lives is truly out of our control, this was one thing that was abundantly clear in 2016, but how we handle those situations is everything. It all comes down to our attitude and thoughts.


When I was a child I was an incessant worrier. My mother’s favorite book to read to me was, The Very Worried Walrus. Walrus was always worried about a variety of scenarios that could happen to him. Ninety-nine percent of the scenarios Walrus envisioned never happened and in the end, when one of his worries, falling off a bike, did come to fruition it was not nearly as bad as Walrus had imagined. All of us worriers know that this is most often the case. Unfortunately, it doesn’t cease the worrying, nor did the book cease mine in case you are wondering. What did help my worrying over the years was my walk with Christ. Yet at times I still struggle with fear. It doesn’t paralyze me like it used to or keep me up as many nights as before, but it still limits my life at times. So this year, I am taking a stand. I am digging deeper into God’s Word and living out what it says. I hope you will join me on this journey and pray 2017 can be a year of freedom from fear!


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Until Monday,

~ Barb